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Marketing Strategy

Better Customer Relationships = Higher Customer Lifetime Value.

Design marketing campaigns to focus on your ‘best customers’ and potential ‘rising stars’. They consume a wider range of your services and account for 80% of your revenue. Spend marketing resources to identify the new customers who are not just ‘one-and-done’ and grow them into tomorrows ‘best customer’. Find the products and services you can perform effectively and efficiently and make them top-of-mind in your marketing campaigns. In good times and – well all times.

Segmentation & Analysis

Segmentation and customer analysis is the hidden force behind the Right “Person/Time/Message/Channel.” Personalization is more than using someone’s name in the greeting. It ensures your message is relevant and helpful for their vehicles’ safety and overall driving experience. It drives everything we do and moves the Customer Relationship forward. If we can’t measure and explain it, we don’t use it.

Marketing Programs

Every program is a tactic to achieve acquisition, retention, or reactivation goals. As a result, you are performing the strategic plan of improving customer relationships and strengthening your bottom line.
You can even take this strategy further by deploying them as a suite of programs utilizing machine learning to optimize their performance.  Program Overviews:

Marketing optimization

Customer communication via Postcards, Email, or Text Messages?
What is the channel information contained in your POS? Have they opted out of any channel?
What channel is the preferred one for this campaign type? Have they responded in the past to this channel?
Is there an alternate channel if the primary is unavailable or historically doesn’t work for a customer?
Is a hybrid campaign needed?
We monitor, evaluate, and implement for each customer and every campaign.

Mykeymotive portal

How do you make better marketing decisions – with knowledge. We will take your data, convert it to information and show how it pertains to marketing for your shop, and then you will have the knowledge to take action. You will see various reports from the source data in your Point-Of-Sale system to the latest campaign results. We present it as a cohesive structure that tells a story.
Your KeyMotive Portal is a secure and personal website focused on your shop’s performance.

Cruise control marketing calculator

Run some what-if scenarios using our Cruise Control Calculator (based on our Automated Marketing Program Suite).

  • A little bit of this and that to get started – sure
  • Retention Focused
  • Acquisition marketing increased but Retention maintained
  • Add a rewards or customer appreciation program

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