The Heart of Retention

At the heart of customer retention is the Service Reminder Program. Utilizing all three channels, text messages, email and postcards.
“Not only is retention less vulnerable than acquisition to the short-term swings of a bad economy, but the rule of thumb that it costs five times more to win a new customer than to keep a current one becomes even more extreme in a downturn.”
–Harvard Business Review

Building stronger customer relationships takes paying attention to details. From the order writer to the service technician to how you acknowledge your customers’ loyalty. We offer you the ability to send a Thank You card up to twice a year (July 4th-summer and the winter holiday season) to your ‘Best Customers’. This program also includes sending a card to current customers who are exhibiting the traits of your very best customers (what we term the ‘Rising Star’ segment).    WBC 2023

A thank you that brings in more business.

Yes, customer rewards bring in more business to your shop. Additionally, rewards also allow you to shape buying habits by encouraging purchases exhibited by your ‘Best Customer’ buying patterns. Or purchasing those services you are most efficient and effective at. Make data-based decisions – KeyMotive can help.

Close More Business

This program will give you feedback on your customer relationship almost as fast as reviews. If it is founded on trust, then your recommendation that was declined at some point, for whatever reason, will be enacted on when they are reminded that their vehicle needs some attention. Typically we see declined services go from 1 out of 16 customers getting it done in the first 90 days to 1 out of 4!

Potential customers will look.

Do you want strangers to buy your services for their vehicle? Then they need to read about your all-around customer relationships through the stories your current customers tell in reviews. You might have to ask them to leave a review – not bribe them. Just tell them you value their opinion of their experience with your business.


Customer Growth using Acquisition, Reactivation, and the crucial second visit for retention at its core.
– Market to prospects that “look like” current customers.
– Reactivate recently lapsed customers.
– We are using a unique plastic card with extended expiration dates.

Put our expertise to work

This marketing suite of programs will be a decision you make that builds a stronger customer relationship while strengthening your bottom line.
“You don’t need more time in your day. You need to decide” -Seth Godin


Sell more tires

Take advantage of the National Promotions for the tire brands you sell. Leverage tread depth information from your POS data. Market to those customers and increase your tire sales.

Everyone is not your customer. Accepting this fact and trying to find prospects who might need your services is a much better decision. At the least, give them a story they can relate to, and you can start to build a relationship with them.

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