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Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Apr 29 2016

We know money does not grow on trees but let's use an analogy to see what it would be like to grow one.  What if best customers were trees - then you would have a money tree.  Maybe even a forest.

First, you have to have a location and environment where you could plant this tree.  Where it will thrive and grow strong.  How many saplings in a forest never grow?  Because they are hidden from sunlight or consumed before getting a chance to grow.  Do you have room for new growth to occur over time or is it get the most out of them and move on?

You know the value of putting money back into your business to make it stronger and better.  Do you do the same with new/younger customers?  To help them grow stronger and better?

Doing this will bring along those young and small trees - giving them a chance to grow.


Investing in your customers allows you to focus on shaping and pruning. Ensuring all the life giving branches are not removed - so it can continue to grow.  Remember it is a money tree so it is easy to grab the money from it when it is small and not grown.

Doing the above the tree will grow and become stronger.  But now there is no more low-hanging money.  You have to work to get the money but you know it is there so the investment in time and energy will return dividends.



As you grow more and more best customers, a systematic approach will allow you to expand.  Always combine it with your personalized service, so you build the bond to keep them.

No, money does not grow on trees.  But best customers are the closest thing we have.  Providing them with time to grow without destroying the environment (relationship) will reap more rewards.

Start today and grow one customer.  Then start applying a systematic approach to all customers.  Allowing room for each to grow.  Remembering it will take time to get to the highest branches of a tree but the rewards are greater also.

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