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  KeyMotive provides the  

Insight and

  to Retain and Grow your
Best Customer


The cornerstone of Customer Retention.

Over  a dozen monitored and dynamic trigger categories for multi-channel response, make this the one program no Tire & Auto Service Center should be without.

Unsurpassed Customer Appreciation Programs.

Nothing to punch or stamp, just two elegantly simple Customer Loyalty Programs.  With ROI's you will have to experience for yourself!

Can you afford to not know how you are doing in two critical areas?

Your telephone at the front desk and your reviews on the internet.Two programs with Customer Service in mind!

In a mature market, like the Tire & Automotive Service Industry is, keeping your customers should be one of your marketing programs top priorities.

It is the reason you have exceptional Customer Service, a clean and comfortable customer waiting area, free coffee and free WiFi service!  You want your customers to keep coming back.

vs. $ Sum up all the studies and it takes 6 to 7 times more of your marketing dollars to acquire a new customer than keep a current one. That is why your Marketing Plan has to be more than just a series of blind triggers!

KeyMotive’s “Performance Insight Action” (PIA) takes a more robust 360º view of the customer interaction.  Including but not limited to: Channel preference and/or performance results, triggers, historical purchases and non-purchases, time offered and many other proprietary KeyMotive PIA’s.

Over 100 years of combined database, marketing and customer service experience coupled with customer input leads to incredible knowledge & action. Using this and program development free from the traditional “cookie-cutter” approach resulted in KeyMotive’s unique Programs and Reports for you to leverage.

The linchpin program for retention is Service RemindersPlus. While our other programs stand on their own merits and provide critical pieces to the retention puzzle - this one program sets the bar for Customer Retention.   It uses more data to derive PIA’s than most providers use for all their programs combined. Plus it is a dynamically evolving Program (not a set of static triggers). 

Try out our Customer Retention Programs and watch your customer counts go up while enjoying a healthy ROI.  We offer Performance Reports on all aspects of KeyMotive Programs and all our performance numbers are derived using industry acknowledged Incremental Response Marketing methodology. 

We stand by our products and we stand by the relationship we form with our customers!

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