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“In marketing I’ve seen only one strategy that can’t miss–and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last." 

John Romero

  Acquiring Your Next Best Customer
Growing Their Value

KeyMotive Has Programs 

That Work For You!

How do you determine when to prospect for new customers?  Is it when your car counts are down or invoice amounts year-over-year are down?  Or do you use another analytic?  Customer Aquisition is challenging and KeyMotive is here to help.


Retaining customers and offering them your services in "time of need" while consistently marketing your brand and services should, with your excellent Customer Service, allow them to grow into your Best Customer Segment.

Programs designed to grow and increase your best customer's value.

Finding Your Next..

Best Customer

From cloning your best customer for New Customer Acquisition to replacing customers who move out of your service local.

From Customer..

Prospect for new customers:$719.29

Service Reminders multiple actions:$299.54
Reward loyal customers: $357.99

Best Customers: PRICELESS

Every Customer is important but Best Customers are Priceless. They are responsible for more of your revenue than any customer segment. 

To Best Customer

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