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Special Events

Graham Tire Co. of Kearney Nebraska has been doing a customer appreciation Pancake Feed since 1990, with the exception of missing only two years of this event.  The event is always held on a Saturday morning, the second week of March, and is from 8:30am to 12:00pm.

Over the last twenty three times of this event we have served 11,970 customers, sold 2,455 tires, and generated $345,303 in total sales.  For many years we printed and mailed our own invitations.  During 20 of these approximate years we assumed what we were accomplishing was ok.  We were averaging 61 tires and total sales of $7214 per event.

The past four years KeyMotive has helped us selecting the parameters of who we send our invitations or post cards to, and since then our unit sales has increased to an astounding 304 and sales volume has risen to $50,000 plus for this one day event!

I believe KeyMotives ability to target the right customers for this one time sale has been a key factor to the success we’ve seen the last four years.  I really don’t think we’d be doing as well without their expertise!

Scott Foutch

Graham Tire Co. of Kearney LLC


"For nearly 10 years, Jerry Terrasi has been an extension of Sullivan Tire and allowed us to mine customer data for both analysis (customer migration and reporting) and for direct mail targeting.

KeyMotive has given us extensive support when we need it, which sometimes requires an almost instant return of information. Having the ability and trust in reaching out to a vendor and know that they will work hard for you is a luxury that everyone should have in business.

 The personal and professional attention we receive is why we will continue to be partners with      KeyMotive."        Mike Panarelli
Marketing / Advertising
Sullivan Tire Co.


Greeting Cards

Thank you KeyMotive!

Over the past several years, we have attempted sending Greeting Cards to our customers.  We tried many formats and many companies receiving less than acceptable results.  We had all but washed our hands of this marketing tool until the Summer of 2014.  KeyMotive approached us and we decided to give it one last try.  We are so glad we took the chance and put our trust in KeyMotive.  As soon as the cards hit, we began to see them in all 8 of our locations.  Months later, we continue to see residual sales as well.  Managers and employees alike have been impressed with the results.

Susan Hogan
Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto